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LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (Wednesday, March 05, 2014) – The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban’s next-generation MyLink gives customers the best of both worlds when it comes to infotainment. It provides easy, intuitive operation of basic functions, yet it is also highly customizable and capable of linking up to 10 devices such as smartphones, SD cards and MP3 players, giving customers and their families more ways of staying connected.

Enhanced connectivity and convenience includes a new Text-to-Voice feature for smartphone users with Bluetooth profile (M.A.P.), which reads incoming texts through the vehicle’s speakers, and Siri Eyes Free for iPhone iOS 6 and iOS 7 users to enhance connectivity and convenience. Each enables voice-controlled connectivity, to help keep phones in pockets and hands on the wheel.

Additional standard and available features include:

  • Eight-inch-diagonal colour touch screen and multiple USB ports
  • Chevrolet connected by OnStar 4G LTE with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot (later availability)
  • Next-generation OnStar and MyLink enhancements with gesture recognition and enhanced language voice recognition
  • Available Chevrolet AppShop (later availability)
  • Available navigation.

With Chevrolet’s connected by OnStar 4G LTE connection, Tahoe and Suburban will have a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows passengers to connect their personal devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to high-speed wireless internet. Each vehicle can accommodate multiple devices at one time. The Chevrolet connected by OnStar 4G LTE connection will arrive later in the 2015 model year.

A mid-model-year update will also bring the Tahoe and Suburban Chevrolet AppShop, allowing owners to view all available apps and download them directly to the vehicle, then organize, update or delete them as needed. Available apps will connect drivers to vehicle data, music, news, weather, travel information and more.

For all Tahoe and Suburban models, a standard OnStar Basic Plan is free for five years and includes OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, Dealer Maintenance Notification and RemoteLink Key Fob Services, which allows owners to lock and unlock their vehicle, flash the lights and honk the horn, and even remotely start the engine (on equipped models) using the RemoteLink smartphone app. Additional OnStar services will be available with a paid subscription.

MyLink details

MyLink features a high-resolution, fully reconfigurable eight-inch colour touch screen with an intuitive layout and easy-to-read icons that control audio features, , Bluetooth phone features, and available navigation with all-new map displays. Many of the system’s features can be controlled by voice command, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

The enhancedlanguage voice recognition allows customers to place calls, enter destinations, browse media, play music and control other functions simply by telling the vehicle what to do
A new, high-resolution, full-colour touch-screen display radio is seamlessly integrated into the top of the central instrument panel. It displays a home page resembling a smartphone screen or tablet, with just a few, large buttons and easily recognizable icons to execute commands.

MyLink also can be operated via large, clearly labeled knobs, through integrated steering wheel controls, or through the touch screen. The system can store up to 60 favourites including radio stations (AM/FM/XM), contacts, destinations (with available navigation), music and other media – a convenient feature for small businesses or owners who travel frequently.

MyLink is designed to function as an extension of the owner’s smartphone. Once users connect through bluetooth or USB and properly stow their devices, they can access their customized music libraries, contacts, with the radio using voice, steering wheel controls or infotainment controls.  It also allows customers whose vehicle is equipped with embedded navigation to enter destinations in a single step, without having to enter the state, city, street number and street name in successive efforts.

MyLink designers developed four specific graphic appearances:

  • Main Street – An all-around, crowd pleasing design using primary colors; a typical customer may drive a truck and use it as a high-tech mobile office. This is the system’s default setting.
  • Contemporary – Clean, simple interface that’s not overly colorful or busy, geared to busy moms and families.
  • Edge – Youth-oriented, dynamic feel with vibrant colors and pop culture-inspired icons.
  • Velocity –Sleek, with carbon fiber background appearance and glowing neon, aimed at driving enthusiasts.

Customers simply use the Settings menu to personalize their Tahoe or Suburban. 

Text-to-Voice capability

Text-to-Voice converts incoming messages to speech, reads them over the audio system speakers and allows the driver to reply with preset messages such as, “I’m driving and will contact you later.” Users can create and save their own preset messages when the vehicle is in Park. The feature requires a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth profile and applicable text messaging features.

Customers with a compatible iPhone 4S or 5 running iOS6 or iOS7 can direct Siri to perform a number of tasks while they keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. To further minimize distraction, Siri features Eyes Free Mode, which enables drivers to interact with their iPhones using their voice while keeping the device's screen from lighting up. Users simply connect their iPhone with the MyLink radio via Bluetooth, pair with the system, and use the steering wheel voice activation button to begin and end sessions with Siri.

Driver safety is General Motors’ first priority. A driver’s focus should remain on driving and texting can usually wait. So, only text and drive with this voice system and never text using a handheld device while driving.

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2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban fronts in Lake Tahoe

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